Practical Leadership: Knowledge and Skills for You

Committed to helping you achieve your life and business goals by developing your leadership skills and mastering the leadership process. This knowledge is equally beneficial to all:


▪ CEO,
▪ Executive,
▪ Manager,
▪ Project Manager,
▪ Staff employee,
▪ Contractor,
▪ Leader of a community cause, and
▪ Many others

Benefit from insights gathered during 25+ years of business consulting and leadership coaching at all levels of business, plus the condensed wisdom from many years of studying the science of leadership. Key points are illustrated with real life examples drawn from:

Leadership: the one thing you can’t delegate or outsource

If you are serious about achieving your goals, delegating or outsourcing leadership to someone else is incredibly dangerous. There is no clearer example of this than what happened to the folks who trusted Bernie Madoff with their money and their financial goals. They could give Madoff no direction and had no knowledge of how their money was disappearing. In essence, they made Bernie their leader for achieving their dreams. Take charge of your dreams, be a leader in all that is important to you. Learn how through the knowledge and leadership coaching services provided through Practical Leadership by Gary Clayton.

Leadership skills: your advantage over your competitors

When you read articles about successful businesses and organizations, credit is given to the leader’s skills. After all, there are many accounting, tax, legal, production, engineering, IT, sales, purchasing and marketing professionals who can be hired into your organization. And all those specialists look for their best and most reliable source of leadership to be you. Building your leadership skills is your surest path to greater success.

Do you have a business or leadership question? Then ask it - Don’t Hesitate!

If you have a question on a blog post, then ask it through the comments section. If comments are closed for the post - or you have a more general question - then contact Gary Clayton with your question.

Don’t just read about leadership. Master it!

Put all the pieces together with Leadership Coaching

Scientific studies have shown that people only retain 15% of what they learn in classes or books. That’s why Gary is a leadership coach.. By focusing on what is critical to your business now in coaching, you can learn new leadership skills more deeply and effectively while solving current business challenges. Gary Clayton has extensive experience helping clients at all levels of responsibility become masterful and practical leaders, able to use a variety of leadership approaches, skills and styles with comfort.

Leadership coaching provides greater benefits than consulting for a fraction of the investment. As a well-trained, experienced coach, Gary is always on the look-out for hidden risks and uncertainties to increase the success of your initiatives. He provides an outside perspective on your ideas and increase your awareness of alternative opportunities and solutions. And Gary focuses on improving your business and leadership skills so you can work through current and future challenges faster and more easily.

As a coach, Gary Clayton has an easygoing style that makes you feel relaxed and safe. I discovered many new things about myself through my coaching relationship with Gary. He also helped me to stretch the vision of my business; giving me new confidence in my ability to reach beyond my self-imposed limitations and make the sky my limit!

As a presenter, Gary is professional, and organized. I truly enjoyed his presentation, “Control Your Destiny — or Someone Else Will.”
–J Tinsman

Contact Gary to learn how you can accelerate your mastery of leadership. Learn more about executive leadership coaching. Read about Gary Clayton.

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