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I’ve never been a Boy Scout, but I’ve always been fascinated by the motto, “Be Prepared”. It’s a motto that all leaders should heed. How can you expect to last long as a leader if you are not prepared?

Being prepared has several dimensions: knowing what may happen, having the tools to respond to what does happen – and having the right network (employees and advisors) to leverage your leadership on your path to success.

Victorinox® has made an entire business out of “Be Prepared”, using the innovative ideas of a Swiss cutlery maker 125 years ago to provide the tools to handle many physical situations. Victorinox® makes the well-known “Swiss Army knife.” The Huntsman model, illustrated here, is supposed to provide practical solutions to many needs that you might have out in the woods. It isn’t the perfect solution for most of those needs, but in a pinch, it is much better than nothing, especially when you don’t have time to drive to a hardware or camping supplies store – or can’t carry an additional cubic foot of ideal tools. Read More→

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So, you’ve just succeeded in being hired to lead a newly consolidated organization. Congratulations! You should celebrate your good luck – very briefly. The odds are that you are expected to create wonders in a very short time and you need to start making progress immediately. And it is highly likely that someone would like to limit your success. How will you deal with that?

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