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How well do you pay attention to your environment? Especially to the people who depend on you? It is far too easy to assume that you know what is going on with them – and that assumption can cost you dearly. This was brought home to me in a personal way just hours after my last posting. I’ve always prided myself in looking beyond the obvious, because that is how I have helped many leaders save their organization from calamities. And yet….

I should have paid attention to Jack

Jack the Prankster Cat

Wise leaders listen to and observe all who are around them. Even Jack, the Prankster Cat, can have something important to communicate.

On July 31, just a couple of hours after finishing my blog post, I was sitting in my office typing on my laptop when Jack, our orange prankster cat, dashed into my office. He glanced wildly around, jumped on top of the printer and dove behind my filing cabinet. I assumed this was one more nutty behavior by Jack and he would get stuck back there. So I focused on making sure he got out (he did, without my help).

It was another hour before I decided to go check for mail in our mailbox. When I opened the front door, I was shocked to see that a 24-inch diameter maple had fallen, just missing our master bedroom by about ten feet. I was shocked again when I walked up our driveway and saw the entrance was blocked by another fallen tree, a 16-inch diameter pine.
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